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jeudi 3 juin 2010Description
The vario PYRO cube breaks new ground by combining an up to 1,500°C pyrolysis analyzer with a fully functional elemental analyzer for carbon, nitrogen,and/or sulfur determination. In pyrolysis mode, the system can be confi gured for individual or simultaneous H and O determination using a glassy carbon/ceramic pyrolysis system. The vario PYRO cube incorporates a complete elemental analyzer with Dumas combustion for the determination of Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulfur, both for composition as well as isotope determinations. Features: Compact

Design 48 × 55 × 70 cm (W × D × H) (Automatic Sampling Options (120 position zero blank sampler) Unique Analyte Separation (3 purge and trap columns) Unmatched Analytical Range (The vario PYRO cube is designed to analyze micro samples of < 1 mg as well as semi-macro weights of 100 mg and more even for organic samples up to 40 mg absolute carbon content. Models: Vario PYRO cube OH - simultaneous or individual O and/or H by pyrolysis vario PYRO cube OH/CNS and N/CN/S/CNS Dumas combustion

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