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mardi 1 juin 2010Description
Due to the fully automatic manufactured weighing cell from one piece of material this balance guarantees a stable temperature behavior, short stabilization time, shock proof construction and a high corner load performance. With our new models this balance reaches a readout of 0,00001g. All models are equiped with an internal calibration system which causes the balance to adapt to changes in temperature and the environment.

Furthermore the ABT models are supplied with an RS 232 interface with which you can connect the balance to a computer or a printer. For dosing a high-stability mode and other filters can be selected.

Recipeweighing and documenting is very simple thanks to a combined tare/print function of the balance. In addition the mixing ingredients for the recipe are numbered automatically and printed out with their corresponding number and weight value. Moreover the balance is useful for the pipette calibration, the control of measuring equipment in accordance with ISO 9000 and GLP which we also offer as a package.

Speaking of accessories we can also offer you a stable marble weighing table, an ioniser to neutralise electrostatic charge, a set for density determination or printers in order to complete the package.

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